Resources for Survivors

Nothing is wrong with you—

something happened to you.

It’s perfectly okay and normal to feel overwhelmed and scattered and a million other things. After I was raped, I didn’t know where to go for support. And as I looked for answers to my questions through academic research and within my faith tradition and sought emotional support from friends, I got hurt a lot. I didn’t know what I needed and I certainly didn’t know how to find things that might help: books, a therapist, etc. The internet is full of resources and yet the sheer magnitude of links of click on often kept me in my overwhelmed state.

I hope this page helps make it more simple…


Finding a Therapist

Therapy helps when friends can’t. Yet finding a therapist is often really, really tough. You don’t know what all the therapy jargon means and you have no idea based on someone’s website if they’ll actually be able to understand you.

I’ve written a short index of terms and suggestions of questions to ask when looking for a therapist.

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Books and websites

Sometimes you need a memoir to tell you that you’re not alone.

Sometimes you need research to understand the complexity of what’s going on.

I’ve compiled a list of books and websites (blogs, research, etc) that can help.

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self-soothing skills

In the aftermath of an assault (or anything enormously upsetting), you have to be able to help yourself get through the day…that’s where self-soothing comes in. This is a list of suggested tasks/activities you can try when feeling overwhelmed. These ideas won’t make your pain go away but they will keep you from doing things that might make it worse.