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One of the goals of The Body Sovereignty Project is to deepen conversation about sexual violence, rape culture, and the healing process. I’ve recognized that the best way to deepen said conversation is to invite more people to the table. Differing opinions are not necessarily wrong and they deserve to be heard so we can all seek more to understand than be right. I am committed to this work not just through the creation of the art and writing visible here but by engaging with other voices.


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I love writing articles, being interviewed on podcasts and radio shows, and traveling throughout the United States to speak at college campuses and organizational events.

I discuss my personal journey through trauma towards healing, the socio-political climate related to sexual violence (specifically violence against women), practical matters regarding responding when someone discloses an assault, and much more.

If you are interested in inviting me to write for your publication or speak at your event, please fill out this short form and either I or someone from my team will respond with in 48 business hours.

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