The Blog- watch the project develop

There is 1 painting and 1 piece of writing depicting each six months of my healing process. It’s messy.

Writer, Jen Cross, says there are typically two trauma stories survivors have. One is the story that we have rumbled with over and over agin in our minds so that the words come out feeling pretty flat. It’s a narrative that flows and makes sense. The other story is the one punctuated by shame about the things we had to do to survive and gaps in our memory and the things we tell our selves no one wants to hear about, ever.

With The Body Sovereignty Project, I hope to integrate the story so there’s just one I tell and it can be modified by the amount of trust I have in a person rather than the amount of shame strangling me.



The Gallery

As I complete paintings and their corresponding writings, they will live here. Send me your feedback. Tell me what it means to you and how your process is different! This is my process, and it does not need to be yours. There is no one way to heal.

Together as one, we will send our fears and shame back to where they came from.



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From college campuses to corporations to nationwide conferences, let’s keep talking about sexual violence, healing, vulnerability, using your story to inspire, and deconstructing rape culture.